Mechanical Bull Hire

Mechanical Bull Hire Sydney


Take your next party in Sydney to the next level!

Mechanical Bull Hire Sydney:

Our mechanical bull is definitely the most popular form of party entertainment in Sydney that gets hired out. It has come brand new all the way from America. It is the best selling and safest mechanical multi ride system in the world.

The mechanical bull is suitable for all ages and we have travelled far and wide for both kids and adult parties. There are different settings on the bull, which allow us to operate it as fast or as slow as you would like.


  • 6m x 6m flat space
  • 6m height clearance
  • Power access


  • 2 hour hire – $650
  • Extra hours – $150 / Hour

If you are planning to hire a mechanical bull for your Sydney party, Bounce4Fun is your provider of choice.

What is a Mechanical Bull?

A mechanical bull is an artificial bull, not as big as a real life bull, which then spins around with increasing speed as you ride it. The aim of the person on the bull is to see how long they can last before they are inevitably thrown off by the jerking motion. It’s a staple which you might have seen in films and on TV – and you can bring it along for your next party!

Interesting Facts About The Mechanical Bull:

  • The mechanical bull has been in use since the 1930’s.
  • It became more popular in the 80’s, after the release of the film Urban Cowboy.
  • Originally, it was intended for use by rodeo professionals for training purposes.
  • It is used all over the world at a range of events.

Looking After Your Safety:

Although injuries from mechanical bulls are extremely rare, we take the issue of safety very seriously indeed.

If you hire your mechanical bull through us, you can be sure that you won’t need to worry about safety. The bull is mounted on a surface which is covered in protective layers, so when people are thrown off the bull, they have absolutely no chance of getting hurt.


If you are interested in trying to bring a new kind of life to your events, then hiring out a mechanical bull is the perfect way to do just that. You will find that it becomes the talking point among your friends or colleagues for a long time afterwards – especially if anyone happens to get their phone out to film the escapades.

No matter the event, the mechanical bull always tends to grab the most attention. Not only is it a blast for the guests, it gets everybody involved and loose, setting a great vibe.

Want to throw a great work party to build team spirit? Interested in making your wedding reception the most fun and memorable? There are countless possibilities with the mechanical bull.

Here are a few more ideas: Corporate events, bars/nightlife, summer parties, work parties, birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette parties, western themed parties & more!

The Mechanical Bull  is a great way to kick off a party, nothing will get your guests adrenaline pumping like it!

Made For Everyone:

One of the great functions of the mechanical bull is its many settings. This means you can make it easier or harder, depending on what kind of event you are going for. Either way, you have the freedom of choice, and that means that you can easily make it fit in with the day, whatever it is that you might have planned.

How to ride a Mechanical Bull with confidence!

  • Get a firm grip! Use your dominate or strongest hand to hold tight.
  • Squeeze your legs firmly against the Bucking Bull!
  • Balance is key – You are the counterweight to the bull, and must act opposing to the the bulls movements. Whatever direction the bull moves, position your body and balance in the opposing direction. In other words, If the bull goes forward, shift your weight backwards.
  • Stay Calm. A stiff nervous body will cause your to fall off easier
  • One rider at a time!
  • Choose the right clothes to wear. Think like a cowboy, jeans or long pants are a good option. Ladies should consider avoiding the little black dress or super short mini skirt.

Contact Bounce4Fun today

If you live in Sydney, call your aunty, uncle, brother, sister, mum, dad and anyone else you know for a day filled with fun and enjoy each other’s company as you try to ride our mechanical beast. And most importantly, make sure everyone has their phones out so they can re-watch your glorious attempt at emulating PBR’s best.

Contact Bounce4Fun today for bucking bull hire at your next social gathering, and we’ll bring the entertainment!

By the way, did you know we also have an amazing mechanical surfboard available as well? It truly is thrilling entertainment & might be the perfect addition to your gathering, party or event.

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