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Since surfing was introduced to Aussies over 100 years ago, we’ve been totally obsessed with it. And now you can’t go anywhere around our blessed coastline without seeing someone catching a wave.

But if you’re a hardcore surfer, you don’t let anything stop you from getting on your board – our mechanical surfboard hire allows you to take to the waves, even when away from Sydney’s iconic beaches. Forget Bondi, forget Manly and forget the sharks; show everyone what you’re really made of with this no-holds-bar entertainment thrill ride. Even if you’ve never surfed before, this is the perfect test of balance, determination and how good you look on a board!

Make the most of your next event by showing off how good you are and proving once and for all that you’re better than all your mates. Surf the imaginary waves of Honolulu, South Africa, Tahiti, and anywhere else you can think of, without fear of being wrecked by a Great White. Put your mind at ease and surf like nobody’s hogging your wave as you majestically balance for minutes on end while enjoying the best surf western Sydney has to offer.

Be the go-to person among your friends when it comes to throwing the best and wildest events. Impress everyone with your hosting and entertainment. And give them all an unforgettable experience.

How does a mechanical surfboard work?

This isn’t like any other surfboard you’ve ridden before; this mechanical board will send you spinning in all different directions, giving you the sensation of riding a seriously gnarly wave. You’ll be forming so many awkward poses on this wacky ride people will think you’re doing an impression of Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights dance.

But don’t be put off by that because everyone else will probably look much the same!

This machine offers a number of settings – from slow through to fast – meaning it can cater to a wide range of ages and abilities. Our experienced operators are skilled at picking the right speed for guests; start off slow, and if your skills surprise you then ramp it up and really test your balance!

Who is this ride suitable for?

Everyone and anyone can enjoy this totally unique experience. Kids can have fun on a board without their parents having to worry about them being tossed about by the waves; surrounding by inflatable cushioning, there’s no need to worry about rocks or reef.

However, the kids do have to worry about being completely embarrassed by their parents. As the party wears on, you can always count on a nostalgic Baby Boomer to jump on board and reminisce about a time when their hair was long and body bronzed.

Everyone will get a real kick out of this experience, and how many people can say they rode a surfboard on land? It takes a special someone to pull that off.

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If you have been searching for a company that provides mechanical surfboard hire in Sydney’s west, look no further than the experienced team at Bounce4Fun. Whether you’re throwing a birthday party for a diehard grom, are planning a beach-themed 21st or are looking to entertain a crowd that outdates Kelly Slater, we can bring life to your next party.

Experience surfing on land with our Mechanical Surfboards!

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