Mechanical Fun

Mechanical Fun: Take a ride on our Rodeo Mechanical Bull!

Take your next party in Western Sydney to the next level!

Our mechanical bull is definitely the most popular form of party entertainment that gets hired out. It has come brand new all the way from America. It is the best selling and safest mechanical multi ride system in the world.

The mechanical bull is suitable for all ages and we have travelled far and wide for both kids and adult parties. There are different settings on the bull, which allow us to operate it as fast or as slow as you would like.


  • 6m x 6m flat space
  • 6m height clearance
  • Power access


  • 2 hour hire – $650
  • 4 hour hire – $850

If you are planning to hire a mechanical bull for your Sydney party, Bounce4Fun is your provider of choice.

You’re in for a bumpy ride!

Let loose, have fun and put on your best 10 gallon hat because you’re going for a wild ride unlike anything you’ve experienced before. A bull is filled with raw-power; built with jack hammers for hind legs and a frame so muscular, even bodybuilders have to ask what their secret is. All this unwieldy power has meant that few people have been able to tame the real thing. Can you stay on this simulation long enough to impress your friends, co-workers, or random strangers who are quietly judging you in the background?

This is the ultimate test of will, determination and focus. Whatever you do, don’t fall off on the first buck.

About our bucking bull hire and how to ride

Forged in steel, this bucking bull is a missile ready to launch at any moment – park yourself on the back of this baby, grab the strap and hold on for as long as you can. This bull will to-and-fro you every which way it can. It may not have a mind of its own, but our operators are more than happy to see you fall off (safely, of course) so you better come prepared to be knocked down and humiliated by a toy.

If you’ve ever had aspirations of being a professional bull rider but quickly realised a) bulls are hard to come by, b) you’re really not into leather chaps, and c) you don’t fancy being gored – then mechanical bull hire is the ideal substitute.

First thing about riding a bull is learning how to at bull riding school – yes, there are schools for that. The mechanical bull should be no different. So here are a few tips you should know before climbing on board!

1. Forget every instinct you have when it comes to holding on for dear life. Bull riding will make you question every decision you’ve made in your life, including how to hold on to things. When riding a mechanical bull, grab the strap with your weak hand and have your other hand in the air for balance. Sounds weird, but this is how a professional bull rider does it. And you don’t question a professional, especially when they’re crazy enough to ride a 1000kg animal with anger issues and horns that say “Don’t ride me!

2. Let’s be real, you’re inner leg muscles are probably not the strongest going around. Well, now is the time to strengthen them. You’re going to need those bad boys to squeeze the bull like your life depends on it. Shuffle your legs as far forward as possible on the bull and squeeze. This gives you just a little bit more grip.

3. Be one with the bull. As much as you are trying to enjoy yourself, remember to put your game face on and concentrate on the task at hand. And follow these two simple instructions: lean back when the bull moves downwards and lean forward when it moves upwards. This gives you the extra balance you need.

So yeah, it’s all fun and games, but wouldn’t you rather be the one person who stayed on the longest out all of your mates? You know you do.

Can two people ride at the same time?

Believe it or not, there are restrictions for riding a mechanical bull. And the first thing everyone wants to know is, can we have two people on at the same time? No. Imagine two people trying to ride something that is shaking them wildly, heads collide, teeth get lost, and people land on top of each other. A sure-fire way to bring a swift end to even the most celebratory event – one cowboy in the ring at a time!

Contact Bounce4Fun today

If you live in Sydney, call your aunty, uncle, brother, sister, mum, dad and anyone else you know for a day filled with fun and enjoy each other’s company as you try to ride our mechanical beast. And most importantly, make sure everyone has their phones out so they can re-watch your glorious attempt at emulating PBR’s best.

Contact Bounce4Fun today for bucking bull hire at your next social gathering, and we’ll bring the entertainment!

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